Our Story

Philthy [fil-thee] (adj.) - The way in which a person or group lives to an extreme and often difficult extent with a strong desire to do or to achieve something typically requiring determination and hard work.

  1. Started from the bottom of this philthy life.
  2. Life is so philthy sometimes.

Synonyms: Filthy, lifestyle, ambition

Philthy Authority is a brand that supports living life to the fullest even though things in life can get pretty rough. When we say "philthy" we are referring to the difficult parts of life. Statistics say that 97% of individuals experience a philthy period in life and stay there, 3% of those individuals got past the philthy times in life. This is relating to the statistic that 97% of people quit when things get hard and 3% push through that and make it to success. Life is philthy sometimes. Philthy Authority is all about encouraging you to chase your dreams. Never give up till you reach your ultimate potential in life. Philthy Authority was thought of in Colorado by an individual living a philthy life. What started as a beautiful dream, quickly turned into something that could help people feel inspired to reach their fullest potential in life. We are on a mission to radiate positive energy and motivation by creating the word "Philthy", a new lifestyle.